At the heart of FIDO’s powerful leak detection solution is an AI algorithm that has been expertly tuned to recognise the auditory evidence of water leaks. With an accuracy rate of >92%, FIDO AI is the only technology that can decipher the size of leaks.

As a sensor agnostic, non-proprietary platform with a commitment to open data, FIDO doesn’t require third party acoustic material to recognise leaks. No matter how sophisticated your water network is – when it comes to speed and accuracy, FIDO is unrivalled.


Features of FIDO AI

FIDO uses its deep-learning algorithm to analyse library of over 1.7 million audio samples to recognise leaks with >92% accuracy. With its ever-expanding collection of data, FIDO is constantly evolving – becoming more and more efficient at detecting leaks.

With no reliance on specific hardware and fully compliant with industry data sharing protocols – FIDO is safe, reliable and hundreds of times faster than humans at identifying leaks.

Analytical Functions

FIDO AI is continuously updated to accommodate new analytical features, developed in response to client needs.

Leak / no leak decisions to >92% accuracy: As FIDO collects and verifies files, accuracy improves.

Easy to use cloud-based platform: With an intuitive web-based dashboard, FIDO is platform user-friendly and highly secure.

Live and operational 24/7: If you ever have any queries, the system is supported by the FIDO app and their dedicated helpline.

Sensor agnostic: FIDO AI can process data from any source, including legacy sensors.

Leak sizing: As the world’s first technological solution that’s able to establish the size of a leak, FIDO is a true game changer for the water industry.

Unique leak library: As more clients use their AI, FIDO’s library of 1.7 million+ in-pipe and above-ground leak signatures grow rapidly.

Fully scalable with instant deployment: Pay for what you use with FIDO’s data-as-a-service (DaaS) model, then deploy it immediately.

Monthly subscription only: There are no upfront costs, only a monthly membership price per sensor on your network.


Which leaks are causing the most water loss?

With its ability to detect and establish the size of leaks, FIDO is the only piece of technology able to accurately answer this question from pure acoustic or kinetic analysis. Once you decipher which leaks are largest, engineers can cut the runtime of those losing the most water.  

FIDO’s sophisticated algorithm is able to comprehend the expanding amount of verified data and size leaks accordingly. Their system works on any pipe network, regardless of material – making it the ultimate leak detection solution.  

With water shortages already devastating specific areas of the planet, the insights delivered by FIDO are invaluable in the global fight against non-revenue water (NRW). Expect more innovations and insights from FIDO, as the team respond to the needs of their clients.

Half the run-time of large leaks

FIDO’s technology allows businesses to concentrate their skills and resources, helping many to cut their large leak run-rime by half.

Firstly, FIDO uses its advanced algorithm to determine whether or not there is a leak with more than 92 percent accuracy. The software then applies deep-learning to raw data to establish the size of a leak – ranking it as large, medium or small. The results are subsequently sent to the smartphone app in real time, as part of an area sweep or heatmap.

The default size for a major leak in FIDO is 2m3, however the team can change the volumetric range of each size band to meet the network’s specific characteristics. Only around 6% of all leaks are greater than 2m3, according to their clients.

Any network, anywhere

Utilising verified data from one of the world’s most advanced water networks, FIDO AI no longer requires external confirmation of its results.

The FIDO solution comes with its own hardware called FIDO Bugs – these are more sensitive and provide more granular detail than any other sensors on the market. They also enable you to unlock even more powerful FIDO functionality, such as Cloud Correlation.

If you choose to use your own legacy equipment, FIDO is sensor agonistic. This means that the software is compatible with any acoustic or kinetic file.


Technology Roadmap

FIDO is a constantly evolving advanced water leak detection AI technology which predicts leak probability and leak size with more than 92% accuracy. Quarterly software updates go through extensive offline concept testing and development before being made available to clients during beta testing as a release candidate on the platform.

At release candidate stage, FIDO uses real data to rapidly learn and improve the accuracy of new functions before they go live.

The architecture diagram below shows how all the software and hardware components in the FIDO solution interact with each other and customer platforms.